A Few Brand New Points To Think About With Regard To Top Search Engine Results Positioning

As everybody knows Google is constantly updating how they’re indexing the sites in their search results. This is usually done a small number of times a year and typically winds up affecting many people’s rankings. One of the newest things which Google is currently using to determine search engine rankings is the amount of time people end up staying on your website. In the following paragraphs we are going to give you a few tips that will help keep men and women on your site longer, which will in turn help your search engine rankings.

Ensuring that the links on your website open in a new window is one of the best ways to keep men and women on your site longer. The main reason for this is to make it so when men and women click on a link on your website when new window opens but your website remains in a browser. Google will then assume that these folks are remaining on your website because you have good content. In most cases when a new window opens the user won’t go and try and look for the other window to close it before they read that internet site. This means that for however long they’re on the other internet site your site will still be opened in the window below that one.

Another thing you can do to get men and women to interact with your internet site and get them to remain on your internet site longer is to offer them a free download. A lot of individuals use a pop-up that appears to new visitors to accomplish this. The true secret to getting this to work is by not asking for their information in this pop-up window but to get these individuals to simply click a link. The web-link in the pop-up should not lead them to a different website but to a different page on your internet site. The benefit of using this method is to keep individuals on your site longer and also to get them to interact with your internet site. Yet another advantage of this is to try and capture your visitors e-mail address on the next page so you can begin creating a list. By utilizing this technique not only will you be helping your search engine ranking but you’ll also be able to build a list.

Even with Google’s update the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization will remain the same. The basics of seo are still in effect, this is merely an addition to Google’s algorithm. Back-link building is still going to be a significant part of your search engine placement so you’ll want to keep building links. Most men and women are aware of the significance of back-links but if you’re not, you should understand that this will greatly impact your rankings. For those of you looking to get additional love from Google, the suggestions above will definitely help you to improve the ranking of your site. There are of course other ways to keep folks on your internet site but the suggestions should get you going.