Absinthe Green Fairy

Absinthe is powerful alcoholic liquor created from alcohol as well as other kinds of herbs. The herbs may be distilled or herbal extracts are utilized to prepare absinthe. The chief herbs used are wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), anise, melissa, hyssop, and fennel. Sometimes calamus and nutmeg were also used. Absinthe was invented at the end of the 18th century by a French doctor Dr Pierre Ordinaire in Switzerland. It was mainly utilized as a digestive tonic but soon its mystical effects managed to make it the Numero Uno drink of nineteenth century Europe. It had become lovingly known as the “Green Fairy “or “Green Muse”.

The term absinthe invokes images of the grand cafés, the European masters, Moulin Rouge, Parisian theatres and all other symbols of the Belle poque. It was a standard sight to find large number of people drinking absinthe in the French bars, cafés and bistros. Evening 5 p.m. was considered as the Green Hour or”Heure Verte”. Absinthe was at its peak recognition throughout the period 1880-1910; it was during this period that it rivaled wine. Description of Belle poque French society would be incomplete without bringing up absinthe. Not any other country in Europe consumed absinthe in quantities similar to France. Absinthe or the green fairy as it was termed was considered an inspirational drink and several artists and writers who revolutionized art and literature in Europe ascribed their imaginative genius to the absinthe green fairy.

So, what was it that made absinthe so special? Well, absinthe is unlike any other drink. Its content has a very large proportion of alcohol and extracts of herbs the chief herb being wormwood. Wormwood consists of thujone that is to blame for the exclusive outcomes of absinthe. Wormwood herb is closely associated with the daisy family and grows in many areas of Europe. Thujone is a brain catalyst and its chemical structure is just like THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol which is found in cannabis.

Absinthe that is carefully distilled by the ideal distilleries just isn’t very bitter. Nevertheless, absinthe made by some of the less popular distilleries is exceedingly bitter. It has anise and this gives it the licorice taste. Absinthe also offers a small taste of citrus.

Absinthe is a very liberating drink and an evening with the Green Fairy completely rejuvenates the body and mind. Absinthe drinking is a routine and there are two types of rituals you are able to select from to prep your absinthe drink. The conventional French ritual and a modern Czech ritual made popular by the film “Moulin Rouge”. A few of the very famous absinthe drinkers included Vincent Van Gogh, August Strindberg, Arthur Richmond, Oscar Wilde, and Pablo Picasso.

No matter what ritual you determine to ready your absinthe drink, other than absinthe you’ll also need absinthe glass, and absinthe spoon. Absinthe spoons and glasses can be found in various styles. A great deal of culture and history is associated to them. Some of the pre ban vintage absinthe, spoons and glasses demand a hefty premium in the vintage market.

For most of the 20th century absinthe was banned generally in most of Europe and the United States. This was due to great misconceptions about absinthe which were in currency during those times. However, since the beginning of the century most countries in europe have removed the unfair ban and absinthe has returned with a bang. The web has made it quite simple for lovers of absinthe to find the best quality absinthe online.

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So, go and obtain your absinthe and spend a great evening with the absinthe green fairy or maybe the green goddess.